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wp-zp-integrate WP Plugin

UPDATE – I’m ceasing development on this plugin as I’ve now realised that I don’t need it! The more straight forward way to integrate a ZP theme with WP is to basically include the contents of this plugin in the theme, thereby eliminating the need for this plugin.

I’m releasing the WordPress Plugin that I’ve cobbled together to allow better integration of a ZenPhoto gallery into a WordPress site.

It’s very basic at the moment, all it does is inject the all the ZenPhoto javascript into the WordPress header function. This needs refining so that the javascript is specific to the page being viewed – i.e. we only need the comment functions when viewing a image, not when viewing the archives page. It also needs to inject the .css calls into the WordPress header, and I need to create an Options page for setting a couple of variables.

You can download it below:

DOWNLOAD v0.3 “bambi” release


0.3 *** 27th Feb 2007***
added options screen to change Zenphoto path

0.2 *** 15th Feb 2007 ***
Hardlinked .css file for Stop-Abruzzi theme into plugin.

0.1 *** 14th Feb 2007 ***
Initial Release

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