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Stop-Abruzzi ZP Theme

I’m releasing the theme I hacked together for the most excellent ZenPhoto php gallery. This theme is designed to integrate your ZenPhoto install with a WordPress Sandbox K2 install.

Coded on and for WordPress 2.2, Zenphoto 1.0.8, and Sandbox K2. I see no reason why it shouldn’t work on older versions of the software, and with WordPress Themes other than K2, and as I am currently using it on a live site, I’ll update it as and when I upgrade to newer versions.

You can download it below:

Download Now

If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions then please leave them in the comments on this page.

The theme is provided as is, see the themes license page for more details and credits.


2.0 *** 10th June 2007 ***
Have tweaked font sizes and a few minor alignment styles to work with Sandbox K2 theme rather than vanilla K2 (because K2 is too bloated for my needs).

1.2 *** 14th Mar 2007 ***
Removed dependancy on wp-zp-integrate WordPress plugin by including WordPress header code in header.php


1.1.2 *** 14th Mar 2007 ***
Think I’ve fixed the problems in IE7 & other versions.

1.1.1 *** 15th Feb 2007 ***
Sorted out initial display problems in IE 7. Still issues on view image page, but at least something is displayed now.

1.1 *** 14th Feb 2007 ***
Removed duplicated javascript calls from header.php
Moved javascript to show/hide comments to comments-hide.js file
Moved all javascript calls to the <head> where they belong, thus theme now requires wp-zp-integrate WordPress Plugin

1.0 *** 9th Feb 2007 ***
Initial Release

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