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Week 2 – And so it begins … err …

So here we are, 18 weeks out from the Milton Keynes marathon. Err……..

Bolton is my A race of the year, but I am far too easily bored to have that as my only goal for the season. Even having a Half (Outlaw) to smash part way through my 30 week training plan isn’t enough to keep the interest there, so I have decided to keep myself focused with some running goals.

Now, this plan maybe closer to the Village Idiot style of training, than it is to the scientific approach, but what the hell, you don’t know till you try it.

My running goals are two fold, first up is to get a new PB at Wilmslow Half in March, and then to back that up with a sub 3:40 marathon PB at Milton Keynes on May Bank Holiday.

To achieve this, I’ve mashed-up the Don Fink 30 week Competitive plan with Shade’s Intermediate 18 week marathon plan. Basically what it means is that in the early weeks of the Don Fink plan I’ll be doing a greater volume of run training. It all just about comes together so that the bike volume is really ramping up as the run volume from the marathon plan disappears.

The unknowns are, how will I react to the volume of training, how will my running cope with the bike training, and what shape will I be in to continue training after the marathon. Although I am targeting Wilmslow and Milton Keynes, I will only be backing off the bike volume in race week, and even then, not all the way, as Bolton is the ultimate goal, and I need all the bike training I can get. Interesting times.

This week’s training started slow as Man Tri sessions were still cancelled for Christmas (bah humbug!), but ramped up as the week went on. Wednesday was the logistically the most challenging day. As soon as I noticed that the good folks at #parkrun had loosened up the rules for New Year’s Day, I decided that it would be a double #parkrunday. Most of the local, and not so local, parkruns that were running, decided to push their start time back to 10am or 10:30am. There were only a handful that were starting at 9am. This meant that realistically the two parkruns I chose needed to be within 25mins drive of each other. To further complicate matters, now that I have my 100 Club Tee, I didn’t just want to tick off another two parkruns, I wanted, if possible to do two runs that I hadn’t done before. That proved trickier than I imagined, as, when I went through the list, Sod’s Law meant that I’d already run all the few parkruns starting at 9am, with all the ones I hadn’t run starting at 10/10:30. Until I noticed that Dewsbury had bucked the trend, and was actually going to be the first UK parkrun of the New Year, by starting at 8:30am. From Dewsbury it was a short hop over to Temple Newsam, where I managed at parkrun negative split. Some of the Leeds based parkrunners weren’t just content with running two parkrun. No, they not only ran Leeds (Woodhouse Moor) and Temple Newsam, but they ran the 5/6 miles between them as well!

As the Fink plan starts slowly, and I had loaded extra training in on Wednesday and Thursday (make hay and all that), I had a rest day on Sunday. I was twitchy about not training, and was eager to get out there – which I’m taking as a good sign that my motivation is where it should be.

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