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Week 1 – And so it begins…

So here we are, 30 weeks out from IronMan UK (Bolton).

My training plan is loosely based around Don Fink’s iconic 30 week “Competitive” plan, although Competitive is a relative term.

An Ironman, in case you didn’t know, is a 2.4mile swim, followed by 112mile bike leg, and finished off with a 26.2 mile (hopefully, Bolton does have form in this regard ….) marathon. To be counted as an Ironman, you have to do all this in under 17 hours. I’ve wanted to do an “Ironman” for a while, but I have deliberately waited until I was in shape to “race” it, rather than merely finish or complete it in 16hrs 59 minutes.

At this stage on current fitness levels, I’m aiming for a sub 14hr finish. By no means spectacular, but given my weakness on the bike, and the fact that Bolton is a tough bike course, I’m being deliberately conservative. My goal times at this stage are 1:10 for the swim, 7:30hrs for the bike, and 5hrs for the run, giving me 20mins for the two transitions to put me under 14hrs.

I intend to revisit these targets as my training progresses, and certainly, I’d like to bring my swim time down to around the hour mark. My marathon PB of 3:41 would suggest that a run time of 4:10-4:20 is possible, but that is also dependant on getting off the bike in good shape, which for me is the big unknown.

The broad weekly plan is to hit up three Man Tri swim sessions per week, plus Wednesday night track and Friday night spin. The intention is to also do the Tuesday night Big Turbo, but that will be work dependant.

Week one of training has gone relatively well, although it has been slightly hampered by the lack of Man Tri sessions. Something about it being Christmas week!?!

The final complication for the my 30 week plan, is my decision to to shoehorn an 18 week marathon training plan into it! More on that next week :-)

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