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May 2013 Review

Once the pain subsided from the Manchester Marathon, I was determined to bounce back and start smashing it.

Swimming – I made a reappearance at the Man Tri sessions. One of the early ones involved having no lane rope in the pool for the whole session, to give a better approximation of open water. This included a 500m time trial where you were free to move around the pool, between “lanes” trying to draft off the better swimmers. As it was only my second session back in the pool in nearly 8 weeks, I was chuffed to average 1:28s per 100.

Bike – 1st of May I got back on the bike, starting with small 10 miles routes around the hills of Glossop. I even started commuting to work on my early shifts. My first event of the month was a Stockport Clarion Club 10. I was well chuffed with my time, coming in at 28:13, only 33 seconds down on my PB from last year, off such minimal “training”.

Running – A mere 6 days after the Manchester marathon, I lined up for parkrun at Woodbank Park. Not expecting anything special, with the Marathon still very much in my legs (and after having cycled the 10 miles to the park), I just decided to smash it, and see what I got. 22:21 is what I got, just 11 seconds off my PB. A nice positive to start the month on.

Wilmslow Sprint Tri was my first traithlon of the year. Dubbed the Man Tri Sprint Champs in 2012 due to the high number of club members taking part, this year saw a similar turn out. I smashed the swim, with a new PB of 5:37, but it was a slow bike day, and my run was average. In the end I finished 90secs slower than last year, which was about par with most people finishing 60-120 secs slower.

Edinburgh Marathon – The original plan for Edinburgh was to take it easy and “enjoy” the day, after having set a new PB at Manchester only a month earlier. Stuffing up Manchester meant that I had no real option but to go for it at Edinburgh. We had a great day for it, sun shinning and not too hot. However, it did get quite windy on the costal section past Musselburgh, and ultimately that wind, over the last 3 miles, cost me a new PB. That said, I was very pleased to have bounced back from Manchester, and to have run such a strong race after having been so “broken” when I crossed the line in Stretford.

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