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March 2013 Review

My swimming was hampered by a couple of factors. First there was the water temperature at Moss Side pool where I usually swim. A broken pump meant that the pool temp kept climbing, and climbing, until it was something daft like 32 degrees. Far too hot to train in, and the Club even cancelled a few sessions because of it. I have a tendency to overheat during exercise anyway, so there was no way I was going to voluntarily train in a bath! That disruption then led to me struggling to get back into the rythm that I had had during Jan and Feb, and I finished March with just 3 sessions in the bag.

Bike was again nonexistant. I entered an Open 10 mile Time Trial on the 30th March, hoping that it would spur me on to train, but as the awful whether continued, I never managed to get out on the bike, and I ended up blowing off the TT due to the weather on the day.

However, my Running went pretty well. I hit most of my sessions, and got all my long runs in. My 4 runing targets for the year are sub 20min for 5K, new PB for 10K, sub 1:40 for a Half, and sub 3:40 for a Marathon. First up was an assault on my 10K PB, at the race I set it at last year, the Trafford 10K. Unfortunately the weather got in the way. It was a perfect day, except for one thing, the wind. The air temp was cool, the sun was out, but the wind was up. Being a big guy, I’m pretty much like a sail running into the wind, and it was really noticable. I ended up running 43:31 which is by no means awful, and only 27 seconds slower than my PB, but I was really gutted with the run as I had had high hopes of knocking off a goodly chunk.

Next up was the Wilmslow Half marathon. I’ve raced it twice before, and had disappointing results both times. In 2010, it was my first Half, and I went out too hard, finishing in 1:56, when my target was 1:45. In 2011 I was just coming back from a hamstring strain, and was forced to take it easy due to a lack of run fitness. My time of 1:47 was pretty solid, but was still over 5 minutes slower than my then PB. After missing out on an early season shot at going sub 1:40 at Helsby, due to it being cancelled, I was very annoyed to arrive at the start area to find yet more horrendous winds. I’d initially thought that 1:37:59 was a realistic target, but I resigned myself to just targeting a new PB. The wind assisted first half flew by, as I knew it would, with the head winds being saved for the return section. As the race went on I reassesed my target and realisted that sub 1:40 was still on the cards, even if 1:38 wasn’t, and really dug deep over the last 2 miles to bring it home in 1:39:18, a full 90secs quicker than at Helsby last  year.

I finished March off with a second assault on my 10K PB, this time at the Salford 10K. I’d been warned by a friend who’d done it the previous year that the course wasn’t very inspiring, but it did have a reputation for being fast. However, coming only 6 days after Wilmslow, I faded badly after 4K. I decided to turn it into a training run, and backed off on the second lap. A 22min first lap meant a PB was out of the window, so there was no point pushing myself too hard on the second lap, and risking injury.

I also cried off my first Triathlon of the season, the Pwhelli Sprint Tri. I had a blast doing it last year, even with it’s silly rules about no tumble turns, and no running (in transistion), and it would have been a good early season benchmark. However, the weather was just too awful to contemplate it. The air temp was around 3 degrees, into minus figures with wind chill on the bike, and I figured that it just wasn’t worth the journey, risking getting ill, for what would have probably been a grim day at the office.

Training Stats:
Swim 10,800m 3:01:00 hrs
Bike 0.0mi 0:00hrs
Run 142.8mi 21:13:59hrs

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