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February 2013 Review

I’ve managed to be much more consistent with my marathon training during February, and although haven’t quite managed the total mileage that I would have liked, I have managed to hit all my Long Runs, and a couple of nice benchmarks too.

So, in order:

Swim training has come on great, culminating in the MTC vs Trafford Metro gala. I set new (sizeable) PBs in the 100m IM, and the 50m Back, although I lost my Club Record. Next year I think I’ll “target” my swims as my old times from last year in the Breast & Fly would have put me right up there this year. I had a couple of big running weeks, and so took the decision to drop a few swim sessions to try and avoid getting too fatigued, which dropped my total meterage quite a bit.

Bike training has been non existent. Really crap weather, and a lack of motivation for the Turbo.

Running has gone well. Whilst my total mileage is down on February last year, all my Long Runs have been hit and I’ve started regularly attending Man Tri Track Sessions at Longford Park. After an initial dabble at the beginning of Jan, my first “proper” session was a 5K Time Trial. I hit 21:20, which given my marathon training, and a general perception that I’ve lost some speed since last summer, isn’t bad. A good starting point to work from, given that my major running goal for the year is to go sub 20.

So a quiet month, with not much to report. Looking forward to March, which contains two of my target races for the year, the Trafford 10K and the Wilmslow Half.

Training Stats:
Swim 23,850m 6:23:28 hrs
Bike 0.0mi 0:00hrs
Run 113.4mi 17:26:52hrs

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