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Stockport 10

Last “proper” race of the year (assuming you don’t count the excellent parkrun’s). The Stockport 10 (miler) is famous for two things. Two bloody steep hills, and an, erm, eccentric, finisher’s goody bag.

This is the longest race I’ve done to date, and was far too excited about it when I woke up this morning. The race was actually quite fun, and the hills actually didn’t present much of a problem for me – training in and around Glossop has it’s advantages, there is only one flat (ish) route in the area, everything else is a hill!

Very happy with my time. I wanted to get round in at least under 1:30 hrs, and would have been very happy to get around 1:25, so I was absolutely stoked to get back in 1:21.

The pictures below are the T-Shirt all finisher’s got – a very nice Technical Tee with a relief map of the route on the front – and the contents of the goody bag (see the video at the end), and a map of the route.

Stockport 10 - Finisher's T-Shirt Stockport 10 - The Goodie BagStockport 10

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