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The Producers

I went to see The Producers on Thursday night, at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, and had a very very good night. The story, the cast, and the company were great.

It’s not as good as the original film of course, but then Mel Brooks is, a genius!

Cory English was absolutely fantasic as Max Bialystock and John Gordon Sinclair was very good as Leo Bloom. I was very surprised to find out that Peter Kay was in it, but he did a reasonable job as Roger DeBris.

It’s nice to see that even on a professional show such as this, the cast (and probably crew) are as childish and immature as we are at Gang Show. Peter Kay was constantly ad-libbing to put the others off, and Emma Jane Appleyard’s accent as the Swedish Ulla became more and more silly as the night went on.

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