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Klatchian 6th vs Eldar – 10th April 2007

Klatchian 6th “Jungle Walkers” (Imperial Guard) vs Eldar

Klatchian 6th
Command Platoon with Sentinal Squad and Sniper Squad in support
Infantry Platoon consisting of 2 Infantry Squads
Armoured Fist Squad in Chimera
2 Individual Sentinals

2 Guardian Squad with Support Weapon Platforms
Howling Banshees
Dire Avengers
Viper Jet Bikes
Falcon Grav Tank

The Klatchian 6th deploy to the left hand side of the battlefield. The Heavy Weapons Platoon takes station on a small hill over looking the right flank, while the Infantry Assault Units mass in front of the ruined buildings. The right flank is guarded by a unit of Sentinals and a Hellhound tank. A sniper squad inflitrates into a wood in the middle of the battlefield.

The Eldar deploy the Avatar in front of the runied buildings on their right flank. The Guardian squad take position slightly right of centre, with the Dire Avengers to the left of centre on high ground. The Viper Jet bikes are also in the centre, with the Farseer, Wraithlord and Falcon Grav Tank (containing Howling Banshees) deployed on the left flank.

1st Turn
Eldar Advance, each Guardian Squad takes down one of the two lone Sentinals, while the Viper Squadron only manages to kill on lone Sniper.

The Klatchian 6th advance their infantry towards the ruins on their left flank, while the Hellhound and Sentinals push through the centre. The Sentinal’s Heavy Flamers are out of range, but the Hellhound kills 3 Dire Avengers with it’s Inferno Cannon, and 2 more with it’s Heavy Bolter.
The Snipers in the woods kill 4 guardians, pinning the squad under a hail of fire.
The Heavy Weapon’s Platoon manages to kill a lone guardian.

Eldar 112pts
Klatchian 6th 0pts

2nd Turn
The Falcon continues it’s advance down the Eldar left flank, the Dire Avengers and Vipers move through the centre and the Guardian Squad and Avatar move up the right flank.
The Wraithlord fails to damage Sentinal Suadron Elias with it’s Scatter Laser. The Dire Avengers however destroy one Heavy Flamer and shake the crew of the other two. The Viper Squadron adds it’s fire and explodes a Sentinal, which results in the death of two more snipers, and destroys the Heavy Flamer on a second Sentinal, stunning the crew.
The Falcon fires everything it’s got at the Hellhound, but only manages to stun the crew with a single glancing blow.
The Guardian Squad on the right flank pour fire into the Armoured Fist’s Chimera to no effect.

The Infantry all advance into the ruined buildings. The Hellhound runs forward and pops smoke, while the Armoured Fist deploy in front of the Heavy Weapons Platoon to protect the right flank from the Falcon.
The remanents of sniper squad kill 1 Guardian.
The Heavy Weapons Platoon only manage to shake the crew of the Falcon.
The Chimera kills 3 Guardians, while the Assault Platoon’s Command Squad kills 2 more.
One Assault Platoon Squad wounds the Avatar, while the second kills 2 more Guardians
The remaining, weaponless, Squadron Elias Sentinals charges the Viper Jet Bikes but do no damage.

Eldar 189pts
Klatchian 6th 125pts

3rd Turn
The shaken Falcon Grav Tank runs behind cover on the Eldar left flank while the Vipers race forward to flank the Heavy Weapons Platoon. The Dire Avengers and Guardians continue their push through the centre.
The Farseer imobilises the Hellhound while the Wraithlord’s shots all bounce off.
The Dire Avengers also do no damage, to the remaining Sentinals this time.
The Guardian’s Scatter Laser finally manages to bring down a second Sentinal.
The Viper Jet Bikes catch the Armoured Fist Platoon in the open and wipe them out.
The Avatar fails to kill anything, it’s hits being saved. He then charges into combat, hitting two guys, who both survive. One hits back, forcing the Avatar to make an armour save.
The Dire Avengers charge the remaining Sentinal but can’t harm it, pinning it in combat.

The Assault Platoon continues it’s advance through the ruined buildings, while the sniper squad advances further into the woods. The Chimera moves round the back of the Eldar lines and pops smoke.
The Heavy Weapon Platoon takes out a sole Viper with it’s four Lascannons. The sniper squad takes out another Guardian while an Assault Platoon Squad takes down a few more.
The Sentinal vs Dire Avengers close combat remains a stalemate.
The Avatar succeeds in killing a 2 Guardmens in combat.

Eldar 359pts
Klatchian 6th 220pts

4th Turn
The Howling Banshees finally emerge from the Grav Tank. The Grav Tank and Vipers both line up on the Heavy Weapons Platoon.
The a Guardian Squad break and run away while the Wraithlord fails to damage the Hellhound yet again.
The Grav tank takes out 2/3 of Heavy Weapons Squad while the Vipers finish them off.
The Farseer nukes the Helhound in close combat.
The Sentinal kills a Dire Avenger in combat causing them to break and run away.
The Avatar breaks the Assault Platoon squad in combat and wipes it out with a sweeping advance, consolidating into the second Squad.

The Heavy Weapon Platoon Command Squad takes down a Viper in a futile act of definance.
The remanents of snipers wound the Farseer.
The Assault Platoon Command Squad kill one guardian causing them to run.
The Chimera kills two Howling Banshees while the Avatar wipes out a second Infantry Platoon in close combat.

Eldar 793.5pts
Klatchian 6th 605pts

5th Turn
The fleeing Guardians run off the battle field, while the Dire Avengers keep going.
The Avatar charges the Command Squad, killing three.
The Vipers wipe out the remenants of the Heavy Weapons Platoon.
The Farseer destroys the remaning Sentinal while the Falcon destroys the Chimera with a lucky side hit from range.

Colonel Straken takes a wound off the avatar in combat.

6th Turn
The snipers are wiped out by the Wraithlord
The Vipers soften up the Assault Platoon Command Squad before the Howling Banshees move in and finish them off.
The Avatar finally takes down Colonel Straken, but not before being reduced to only one wound.

Eldar – 1500pts
Klatchian 6th – 605pts

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