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Premiership Footballers are big Girls!

Seriously, last two weeks of March were Gang Show. Much ale was consumed (all hail the 1816), many late nights were had, and bugger all exercise was taken. The week after, I broke my PB for 5k twice.

Easter Camp was four days of heavy drinking, with bugger all exercise, and some very late nights. Yesterday I smashed my PB for 3k by 40secs despite running with injuries sustained from Bucket Rugby (some of them Explorers are big!).

If I can do that – given that I’m fat and unfit – and “Freddie” Flintoff can sink pedalos for England and still play on, why can’t Premiership footballers?


And now I’ve just gone and knocked 20secs off my 5k PB. It’s official, beer makes you run faster!

Guinness is Good for You!

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